Okay, so we didn’t get the win we all so desperately wanted. However, we do have genuine pride in what the England team and what the incredible leader Gareth Southgate led us to achieve in the Euros.

Gareth is the kind of boss you want. He believes in you; gives you chances and is there to catch you when you fall. This is why we wanted to take a deep dive into his leadership style and peek what traits helped us to get to the final of a major tournament for the first time since 1966.


Just like any team, football comprises of a bunch of very different people with unique personalities and skillsets. And, it’s pretty apparent that Southgate really understands each and every one of them. He knows that in order to get the best out of his players, a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership won’t work.

An eye on the future

The young talent of today are the business leaders of tomorrow, just the same as the best football managers today were once players themselves.

When Southgate missed that penalty in ’96, he gained the experience needed to lead the national team to their first-ever World Cup penalty win in 2018, with a team comprising of many who were still toddlers back in 1996.

He puts his trust in a young squad, where he has nurtured them from their under-21 days, which has been crucial for the team’s success.

Calm and collected

Gareth shows bursts of passion when England scores or win, of course, however, on the whole, he has been calm and collected throughout the tournament; exuding coolness and remaining level headed for the benefit of his players. For many of the team, this is their first or second taste of a major tournament – and remaining calm in a high-pressured environment creates a culture that will perform well through tough times.

Don’t steal praise

Irrespective of how much national adoration Southgate receives, he consistently downplayed his achievements and instead placed the focus on his team. He is humble and always uses “we” instead of “I” to describe any success. Gareth has a sound reputation for sharing the victory and this makes him extremely likeable and respected by both the public and more importantly, his team.

We dared to dream through the Euros and sadly, despite the win being within our grasp – we just missed out. However, we can learn a lot from Gareth’s leadership! Here’s to 2022…

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