About Trinity House Group

We set Trinity House Group up in 2020 against a challenging backdrop, as we wanted to set our own agenda in an increasingly commoditised market.

We have integrity at the core of our business and we live and breathe our values, to “build lasting relationships”, “engineer positive outcomes” and “encourage diversity of thought”.

We understand the presentation of your employer brand is of paramount importance when maximising talent attraction, and we work closely with you to operate as an extension of your business, ensuring each candidate has a positive experience.

Candidates can expect genuine career consultation whether actively engaging in the market or passively considering a move.

Delivery is at the heart of everything we do, and we work tirelessly to ensure success every time.

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion and, as the representatives of our clients, we would keep this at the forefront of our minds whilst identifying top talent.

We have worked throughout our careers to address diversity issues – partnering with Executive and Senior Management Teams to often address uncomfortable imbalance in ethnicity, gender, disability, social mobility and sexual orientation, particularly at the top. We are proud to see how our efforts address these issues, and how they result in broader shortlists, diverse hiring and more effective organisations. 

Our aim is to continue to provide the best service to partners, helping to build both highly successful teams and careers.

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