From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we’ve got habits. And, it’s okay if at this moment you’re reminded that you have your phone in your hand at both of these points. Because being intentional about setting new habits, is half of the battle.

2021 is going to be a better year, especially if you add implementing these five habits to your routine.

1. Set a theme.

Now, stick with us. This isn’t as fluffy as it may sound. A theme is a word that encompasses your intentional actions e.g., bolder, more creative, kinder. Ask yourself – what do I want to be better at this year, and set some actions around this i.e. volunteering at a local homeless shelter if you want to be kinder.

2. Reflect at the end of every week.

Most people spend Friday afternoons clearing their inbox. And we get the desire to feel that weight lifted. However, nothing feels better at the end of the week than reflecting on the week that’s gone by, so add this to your Friday routine too. Set aside 30 mins to think about, what went well? What didn’t go so well? What do I need help with?

Don’t forget to celebrate your wins and address head-on where you need to find new solutions to make the next week better. ​

3. Get mentored. Without a mentor.

How? If you had a mentor right now, what advice would you ask them for? Would it be to help you overcome a specific challenge at work? Or maybe how to get better with networking within your industry? Whatever it is, there ARE people online who have answers that can help you. Search Ted Talks, YouTube, podcasts and social media to find real-time sessions that can be just as good as having an official mentor.

4. Learn. Daily.

And, let it be something outside of the 9-5. A language, a creative skill, wine-tasting – it doesn’t matter what it is, as it’s for the purpose of improving cognitive function and will give you something to think of other than work AND it’s intended to be fun!

5. Reframe.

The new year doesn’t instantly mean things are returning to normal, but it is the perfect time to reframe your thinking by flipping your negative thoughts into positive ones! It may sound cliché, but believe us when we say – mindset is everything. Small people drawn all over your favourite book? Fight that urge to scream. After teaching them that there are more acceptable places to draw – see this as an opportunity to treat yourself to a new book. You’ll feel the weight instantly lifted; we promise.

You’ll note that none of these things are impossible to implement, we’re all for the quick wins!

Here’s to a more productive, happier 2021 with all the brain gains.

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