I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced more than a few feelings of isolation and loneliness recently, even when not self-isolating… Thanks, Boris.

In these times, it’s always been comforting to remind myself that I’m not alone (in addition to treating myself to a glass of red, of course…). Millions of people currently feel the same. In fact, since lockdown, Every Mind Matters reported that young people, particularly, are three times more likely to have experienced loneliness, with almost half (44%) feeling this way.

Despite taking some small comfort from this, it’s still hard. In our combined efforts to stay safe and save lives, our usual ways of seeing family, friends or just familiar faces have been put on pause. And it can take a toll on our mental health. To help prevent this, we’ve put together our top (tried and tested!) tips for combatting loneliness.

  • First things first? You need to accept to yourself that you’re lonely. And then decide to do something about it. Mindset really is everything when it comes to making a change.
  • Join an app like Bumble (no, this isn’t just for dating, you can select “meet local friends!”) and start chatting. 75% of those registered on the app would like to video call with potential new friends – you’re not the only lonely one out there!
  • Make interactions count. Ask your neighbour how their day was. Chat to the cashier in Sainsbury’s. Just engage in small talk and engage with others.
  • Get outside. Get up, get dressed and get out. It’s an immediate mood booster. Nature is also super healing.
  • Start an exercise programme with an online community – Bodybyciara is incredible, but there are tons out there! You’ll get all the feel-good hormones and you’ll meet new friends too. Win-win.
  • Keep a diary. Don’t roll your eyes at the prospect of doing something you’ve not done in a LONG time. It’ll help. Pour it all out into your diary, do it daily, you’ll progress from venting to finding solutions.
  • Facetime a friend EVERY day. If you don’t have them yet, go back to 2. Or DM us, here at Trinity House Group, we never want anyone to feel alone.
  • If you feel that the feelings of loneliness have already crept into impacting your mental health, sign up for an online counselling session to talk with someone.

The bottom line? Remember these feelings are temporary. We won’t always feel like this – and taking steps to address the feelings of loneliness now, will prevent them creeping in, in the future.

Here’s to making new connections!

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