Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The side hustle.

It’s what keeps you from binge-watching Netflix or strolling to the fridge for the 19th time in search of new food that may have miraculously appeared…

They say if 2020 didn’t bring out your side hustle, it’s not in you… But it looks like we’re set to still have a lot more time on our hands over the next couple of months and maybe there’s still time for you yet.

And, there are more reasons why you should give it a go, beyond it being great for your bank balance. Here are our top reasons why!

1. We want different things from life now

Our psychology has changed significantly over the last few years, with us seeing a rapid acceleration over the last year. And let’s be honest – the decline of office working and increase of flexible working of late, make the thought of the commute and getting dressed before 8.30 sound… YUK. We want independence, flexibility and autonomy over our work-life – and the side hustle is the perfect window into enabling you to embrace the gig economy with the comfort of a stable source of income.

2. It gives you a sense of purpose

Everyone has to work to survive. That doesn’t always mean we adore what we do during our working hours. And it’s not always as easy as quitting & finding something else. A side hustle enables you to find something to fulfil a passion. And in doing so, lead a more fulfilling life.

3. Diversifying your income protects your financial well-being

Fact: the wealthiest among us have more than one source of income. Tom Corley (Rich Habits author) led a 5-year study where he found that amongst self-made millionaires:

  • 65% had three sources of income
  • 45% had four sources of income
  • 29% had five or more sources of income.

Why? Safety net. We’re in a pretty volatile market right now – and a side hustle gives you an income to fall back on, whatever the weather!

4. You 100% more time than you think

And you’re wasting it!

One of the biggest objections people have about starting a side hustle is a perceived lack of time and we get it. Even in a pandemic, between work, homeschooling, cooking dinner, washing, gym – it’s a lot. However, whilst there are some legitimate cases – on the whole, it’s likely you have enough time.

The average person spends two hours every single day on social media. There’s a handy little tool on your phone that tracks it if you want proof. Ditch one hour of this and there’s your side hustle. Think an hour a day isn’t enough? You could teach piano for 2 sessions each evening, which could easily generate a few hundred extra pounds per month!

Several years ago, side hustle was a little bit of a buzzword. Now? They contribute £1 trillion to

GDP! It’s time to start thinking of yours…

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