The big question. Should you really be making a move right now? In a tough market? Is it safe?

Ever heard the saying “fortune favours the brave?” Because it does…

If you make the right, strategic move – changing jobs during a downturn can accelerate your career and give you deeper experience and more exposure than ever before. It can also be an opportunity to secure a role that might have been out of reach previously.


Finance teams are leaner, hierarchy is reduced – in tough times, people get submerged in new projects, with new stakeholders – so the experience you gain will propel your career. Plus, the talent pool shrinks even more. People become risk-averse – and whilst we appreciate that if you’re in finance, you are too – companies, as a result, are finding it even more difficult to attract the best candidates for roles.

So – go for it – apply for that role you’re not sure you’re ready for or work with a partner like Trinity House Group, who gets your potential and who can get you in front of the right people. It will pay off.

Once you’ve got that interview secured, ensuring it’s the right role is key. And so is asking some critical questions to determine whether the role is right for you.

Here are our top tips:

First things first – is the company likely to be impacted? Let’s be real – there are some industries that are booming right now. And they may continue to grow or they may shrink if and when some normality returns to the economy. You really don’t want to fall victim to “last one in, first one out”.

Drill down deep into their finances. You’re in finance, you don’t need us to tell you why this is important.

Ask how the business has responded to uncertain times. We don’t mean right now – ask about previous recessions. Find out how the company treated employees during previous downturns. It’s really wise to deeply understand the culture of the company when it comes to its people.

Understand how valuable the skillset is you’ll be bringing to the company. The more in-demand your strengths are, the less risky it is to move. It doesn’t suddenly become easy to find in-demand skills – so you can and should derive confidence from this.

Ask yourself some questions and be honest with the answers. How long can you survive without pay? How in-demand am I across different industries and could I easily secure a new role if I get unlucky? It goes without saying that if you can back yourself easily – it can pay off for you in the long run.

Feeling brave? Get in touch to find out about the range of Senior Finance and Exec roles we’re currently recruiting for.

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